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Hello and welcome to clickabrix, the new and exciting way to sell or rent your home. Whether the housing market is going through a 'boom' period or experiencing a downturn, our philosophy is 'Why pay for a service that you actually don't need?'

We will give you your own FREE web page where you can upload as much information about your home as you wish. In just a few minutes, your advert will go live on the internet giving you the real chance of saving £1,000s in agents' fees!

The primary function of clickabrix is to sell your home completely free of charge, but it is also the experience that clickabrix offers in the process, that is enticing. You have the opportunity of connecting with other clickabrix users through our social networking arena known as the 'Neighbourhood'. This is where you can buy and sell houses etc but there is so much more! Why not make friends, share DIY tips, and pass on the details of your builder/carpenter to the ‘neighbour’ buying your home; in turn, helping your local economy.

The 'Mansion' has just been launched with more development to come; this is where you'll find businesses offering products at very competitive rates. The 'Workshop' is coming soon and this is where you'll find vetted Tradesmen recommended by clickabrix users, who better to trust than the views of people who want the same hassle free life as you do?

clickabrix has been endorsed by the OFT and is bringing some much needed innovation to a slow housing market and what we believe to be, outdated and increasingly frustrating traditional methods of selling your home. Why pay anymore?

That's enough from us for now but please don't hesitate to get in touch through our 'contacts' page if you have any queries or want to leave feedback. We would love you to join us on Facebook and Twitter too!

clickabrix is the start of something truly special so come and Join our community for the freshest and most satisfactory way of selling your home!